Why You Shouldn’t Be Sitting Down All Day!

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We all know that being more active is more beneficial, sitting down all day is negative to our bodies.

On a very general level, by sitting down all day we will increase our risk of bad health. Several studies have found that sitting down all day has been linked with obesity, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer as well as early death. By sitting down for too long, your metabolism will slow down and this in turn affects the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar as well as blood pressure.

There is currently no set limit on how long is too long for people to sit each day, this will also differ in every person. In some countries suggestions have been made concerning the amount of time children spend sitting, especially in front of TVs. By teaching children the risks of sitting down all day, this can make a positive impact for the future!

If you are sitting for long periods of the day, break the day up by moving around. This will engage your muscles and bones and give your body a boost.

Move more, sit less!

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