Welcome To Kids Backs 4 The Future

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Our Aim

Kids Backs 4 The Future (KB4TF)

is a multi award winning community project which has evolved from the innovation of a local osteopath who saw the need for young people to learn about early Back care training and awareness, due to the increasing number of younger patients seen in her osteopathic clinic over the last two decades.

KB4TF’s aim is to educate, support, motivate and create an healthy Back care mindset and environment at an early age, making healthy postures become second nature and not a reaction to pain!

Our Mission

"Our Mission is to empower children to develop their awareness, their knowledge and the skills needed for a healthy approach to back care for the rest of their lives"

'Very much needed,very informative and practical workshop-Great idea in the school student planners'

Will Quince MP 2015

'Excellent, really enjoyed it will practice and incorporate into daily life'

Teacher 2015

'Extremely helpful and interesting ,Thank you Lyndee'

Private Tutor 2015

Your small changes in the workshop will lead to big improvements. Brilliant'

Teacher 2015

'Staff were very pleased with your training and found them most informative'

Assistant Principal 2015

"I have taught my little sister how to sit properly!

"Student from 2015 workshop

"I have changed how I sit on my chair, and it feels much better"

Student aged 11 from 2015 workshop

Learning about backcare at this age is a fantastic idea, well done Lyndee, I wish that more schools would do this!"

Sir Bob Russell. M.P Colchester Essex 2014

"Lyndee is excellent.The children get so much out of the workshops.They are timed perfectly for Yr6 as they are about to go to secondary school and the warning about carrying bags around school etc really seem to hit home. Lyndee puts an important message across in a way that the children can relate to. All of the points Lyndee makes are demonstrated in a practical way so the children enjoy the session"

Head of Primary School Colchester Essex 2014

‘Kids Backs 4 The Future offers valuable advice in workshops at educational establishments across the region. Lyndee Oscar, who conducts them, is an expert in her field. I am using her advice to look after my own back and those of my sons’.

A highly professional clinician with a real fervour to help solve the problems of back care especially in children, she is kind, compassionate and highly focused. If you need someone to provide advice and guidance around this subject then look no further

Academic coach 2015

"Lyndee is particularly passionate about reducing and preventing Back Pain in Children"

The BackCare Charity 2015

'Nice stretches that I can teach my Mum'

Student age 10 from workshop 2016

'I used to use my back to bend-now I use my strong legs and bend my knees'

Student aged 11 from workshop 2016
We Help Kids Become Back Wise

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More and more children are suffering from back pain, according to recent research. Poor posture,heavy school bags and incorrect use of technology are causing havoc to our children's spine.

We believe that putting prevention plans into practice now is essential, especially during childhood as postural habits and body mechanics are impacted upon in early life which can affect your health and well being!

There is growing evidence to suggest that when people have confidence in their own abilities, they can improve their own health and are more likely to take action to do so.

We at Kids Backs 4 the Future are committed to making a positive difference in reducing and preventing back pain in children.

We deliver Back Care workshops to actively show children how to take care of their backs.

Our Back Care Workshops Goals will :

  • Protect our children’s health
  • Prevent unnecessary injury
  • Help children unlearn poor postural habits
  • Help children develop good positive health behaviours

  • Our workshops are fun, interactive and practical tapping into the natural enthusiasm of kids.

    To book your workshop or find out more, contact us today