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Kids Backs 4 The Future

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Lyndee Oscar MSc, BSc (Hons), D.O

Hi, I'm Lyndee, I am the founder of Kids Backs 4 The Future (KB4TF) I am a retired registered Osteopath with over 28 years experience within the private sector; I have also worked as an orthopedic and surgical Occupational Therapist within the NHS.

After witnessing a dramatic shift in treating younger patients over the last two decade I became dedicated to help reverse this negative trend occurring in our younger generation’s health and wellbeing. For everyone- Health is our first wealth. Our younger generation need to be fit for life from the start -This was the evolution of Kids Backs 4 The Future.

¼ of young people suffer from young regular/daily back pain (Backcare.org.uk 2015).

These alarming statistics highlighting the crisis in children’s spinal health and well being, continuously fuels our preventative mission and drive to reduce and prevent unnecessary injury and help our children develop good positive health behaviours.

We are committed to helping make healthy postures in young people second nature, not a reaction to pain.

Smart tips for preventing Back Pain in child and adulthood

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Common posture habits and how to correct them
Learn how to correct common posture habits click here.

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Advice on Stretches
Learn how to correct common posture habits click here.

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Advice on how to sit correctly
Learn how to sit correctly to help prevent back pain click here

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Advice on how to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
Learn how to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury click here

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Watch Your Back! Spinal Workout for girls and boys
Activities that will help keep you fit healthy and strong click here

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Professional Registration

Trustee BackCare UK
Registered professional member of BackCare,(www.backcare.org.uk) National Charity for Healthier Backs.
Founding members of the Essex BackCare Branch (www.backcare-essex.org).
Registered professional member of the
Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).
Member of the Children's Ergonomics Special Interest Group (The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factor (CIEHF).

Teaching and Training

Over the last two decades, I have enjoyed teaching and training within the remit of my Complementary Medicine Bodywork Masters- mainly to further education students but also at health and wellbeing conventions/exhibitions and workshops in Colchester and surrounding regions.

My role as a manual handling trainer extended within the corporate, education and health and social care sectors.

Currently, I deliver Backcare workshops for kids.

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Over the last two decades

Over the last two decades, I have seen a sharp rise in the number of younger people seeking treatment for upper and lower back pain in my osteopathic practice; most have attributed their back problems to poor postures learned through bad childhood habits.

This has energised me into creating The B.A.S.I.C (Backcare Awareness Specialised Induction for Children) PROJECT- this is a fun, interactive Backcare workshop for children.

Proud winners North Essex Business Community Charity Award 2016 Finalist 'Who Will Care? Innovation Award 2016- Finalist 'Fit For Life' Education Award 2015

Proud winners of the North Essex AND Countywide Business Community Charity Award 2016-
Proud finalist 'Who Will Care?' Innovation Award 2016-
Proud finalist 'Fit For Life' Essex Education Awards 2015-
• Proud Winner of the 'Small Steps Big Changes' Best COLBEA Client 2015-
• Top 18 finalist in the Essex Business Boost Competition-
• Proud Winner of the Colchester Soup Community Project September 2015-
• Short listed from 11,000 applicants- Vodafone 2010 World Of Difference Programme- I chose /applied to support BackCare in developing and researching Back care resources and Backcare health promotion in childhood
-Current Enhanced DBS clearance